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Welcome To Laila's Cheesecake co.

Here at Laila’s Cheesecake Co., we are committed to making extraordinary cakes. We’re inspired by fresh ingredients, handcraft each cake and never cut corners. We are cheesecake connoisseurs. And yes, there is a Laila too!  

Our goal is to transport you to your happiest memory, with every bite of our cheesecake. Every ingredient is specifically picked for each cake; by Laila herself! We choose seasonal, scrumptious, and exceptionally fresh ingredients, every time.  We use the best dairy on the market, organic vanilla extract, fresh squeezed lemons, and always farm fresh eggs. We source from local farms for our fruit and use organic during the off season.   

For us, every handcrafted cheesecake is like a Michelangelo masterpiece. We believe cheesecake should never be a source of anything except pure bliss.  We bake every cheesecake, oh so gently, so it’s like velvet on your tongue.